Spiritual bliss

Inner peace and tranquility in any situation

The art of joyfully being

Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?  

Equanimity; balance; stillness; liberation

Observing; not reacting; not being shaken by strong emotions


No evaluating

No judging

No analysing

Letting go

The middle way between desire and aversion

Relax your ego, relax, and connect

In the present moment, time stops

The sweetness of pure consciousness  

Everything is fresh and new



Dust be diamonds, water be wine,

Happy, happy, happy all the time, time, time.

Dust be diamonds, water be wine,

Happy, happy, happy all the time, time, time.


King Jesus, he whispered, “It is not so far”

And Buddha declared, “It is right where you are”


Incredible String Band – “Dust Be Diamonds”



Every bitterness is heavy bag.  Why carry?  You are hot-air balloon. Tell me, you want to go up or down?  Let go of anger, hurt.  Drop the sacks.  

from “Honour” by Elif Shafak



Note their joy.  Their peace.  Their strength.  Their love.  

The ability to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done is the true freedom in life.  


Richard Foster: “Life with God – a life-transforming new approach to Bible reading”



It is important for inner peace that we can accept things for what they are, without turning away, and without trying to make them into something else in our minds.  

At the same time, some situations are unfavourable.  Some of these we can change; some of these cannot be changed and therefore need to be accommodated.  


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.


Serenity Prayer” – Reinhold Niebuhr


Accept your thoughts and feelings without judgement.  

Observe your thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them.  They are a message sent to tell you something, even if that thing, on reflection, may or may not seem “silly”.  If you listen to them, they have delivered their message and done their job.  


Sweetness, bliss

I think that the sweetness and bliss of inner peace, instead of neutrality, comes from the Healing Principle or nature’s universal pressure to flourish which exists within each individual biological organism.  


... the shifters [people who have had a spiritual awakening] are in touch with a source of happiness which isn't normally accessible to us: the natural well-being of our true nature.  They've become grounded at a deeper level of self, the source of consciousness and energy inside us that we're normally alienated from by our strong egos.  This energy has a natural quality of well-being in the same way that sugar has a natural quality of sweetness.  We sometimes tap into it in meditation, or at other times when our minds become quiet, but the shifters are permanently in contact with it.  

Steve Taylor – “Out of the Darkness – from turmoil to transformation”


In deep meditation, you might find yourself in a state of complete mental quietness and emptiness, with no thoughts, no perceptions, no information processing, no concentration. In fact, this state can be seen as the ‘goal’ of meditation (at least according to some traditions). The philosopher Robert Forman has called it the ‘pure consciousness event’ – a state in which consciousness exists without content, and rests easefully within itself. I have experienced this state myself, and am familiar with its qualities. Paradoxically, although consciousness is empty, it has a quality of fullness too. It appears to be full of energy – a powerful energy which has a quality of well-being, or even bliss. (This is what Indian Vedanta philosophy describes as satchitananda – being-consciousness-bliss.) There is also a quality of spaciousness – somehow my own consciousness seems to become wider and larger, to spread beyond my own brain or body. This can lead to a sense of connection or even oneness – a feeling that my consciousness is merging with a force or energy which somehow seems fundamental to the world, or the cosmos.

Steve Taylor – “Reclaiming the Self: is your sense of self an illusion?  No, it isn’t!”


If you concentrate on your breathing for 45 minutes, you will be in a state of bliss.  ...  This is because you are no longer discriminating, evaluating, reacting or responding – only observing.  

Bhante Samitha