Playing your part; accountability; looking after yourself



In a cooperative situation, where people are cooperating together to achieve a common goal, then there are a number of parts to be played, and each part falls to a particular person.  

If someone fails to play their part, then we say they are shirking their responsibility, or letting the side down.  


In a cooperative situation, it is human nature to commit, and to be expected to commit, to see the project through to completion unless we explicitly “take leave” and take steps to properly untangle ourselves from it.  



Responsibility for your actions

This often goes together with playing one’s part in a cooperative situation, in that we owe it to the other participants to take ownership and responsibility for our actions and how these relate to our commitment to those other people.  We are expected to show that we have willingly played our proper part.  

We are all the authors of our own actions.  It is us that does them.  Taking responsibility for one’s actions means to consider the effect they have on others, and, to a proper degree, to take ownership of the consequences and the responsibility to put right any damage.  


Take responsibility for your life

Look within and find your own power.  Place the “locus of control” within yourself.  


A worthwhile existence lies in playing whatever cards life has dealt you as skilfully as you can.  

Naoki Higashida – “Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight”


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