Every man and every woman is a star.  

Aleister Crowley



A world is in there.  

Renegade Soundwave – “The Phantom”



In the kingdom of ends everything has either a price or a dignity.  What has a price can be replaced with something else as its equivalent; what ... is raised above all price and therefore admits of no equivalent has a dignity ...

That which constitutes the condition under which something can be an end in itself has not merely a relative value, that is, a price, but an inner value, that is dignity.

Immanuel Kant



To treat someone with dignity is ... to respect their dignity. ... To respect someone's dignity by treating them with dignity requires that one shows them respect, either positively, by acting towards them in a way that gives expression to one's respect, or at least, negatively, by refraining from behavior that would show disrespect.

Michael Rosen



We can’t pursue our lives without thinking that our lives matter—though one has to be careful here to distinguish the relevant sense of “matter.”  Simply to take actions on the basis of desires is to act as if your life matters.  It’s inconceivable to pursue a human life without these kinds of presumptions—that your own life matters to some extent.  Clinical depression is when you are convinced that you don’t and will never matter.  That’s a pathological attitude, and it highlights, by its pathology, the way in which the mattering instinct normally functions.  To be a fully functioning, non-depressed person is to live and to act, to take it for granted that you can act on your own behalf, pursue your goals and projects.  And that we have a right to be treated in accord with our own commitment to our lives mattering.  We quite naturally flare up into outrage and indignation when others act in violation of the presumption grounding the pursuance of our lives.  So this is what I mean by the mattering instinct, that commitment to one’s own life that is inseparable from pursuing a coherent human life.  

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein



Universal pressure to thrive the Healing Principle


What is most dear to you in the world?  Is it your own flourishing?  We all matter to ourselves.  


I have through all regions wandered;

Still have I none ever found

Who loved another more than himself.

So is one’s own self dearer than another,

Therefore out of love to one’s own self

Doth no-one injure another.

The Buddha


Persons have intrinsic value because each one is a self-generating source of flourishing.

Because of empathy, we respect, in others, their valuing and cherishing of their own flourishing.  

Because of empathy, we respect, in others, their need to thrive.  

This idea is a basis for respecting human rights.  



I just love rock’n’roll!  Is that so wrong?  

Lemmy Kilmister



Circle of concern

(see empathy, targeted helping)


A circle of concern includes those to whom we extend empathy and compassion; those whom we are prepared to see as people, on the same footing of equality as ourselves.  

We are all at the centre of concentric circles of concern, growing larger outwards from a central point:  


Each has a separate morality associated with it, which builds on and incorporates the ones before it.  These separate moralities may sometimes conflict, leading to a moral dilemma.  


Universal empathy and compassion


Every human being is a human being.  


The way that has worked best is to point out the similarities between ourselves and those who are suffering—to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Even though I do not look like you or act like you, nonetheless I am like you when it comes to the capacity for suffering, and so I deserve to be treated the same as you. It is precisely our ability to imagine the plight of the nameless and faceless that elicits our empathy and our desire to act.

Denise Cummins PhD, Dr Robert Cummins – “Why Paul Bloom Is Wrong About Empathy and Morality” – Psychology Today   

Liz Ridgway – “Seafarer”


Each of us cherishes the means we use to thrive and navigate successfully through life.